Driving Revenue, Scaling Products, and Elevating User Experiences.

Overview of Officine Bica case studies showing multiple project screenshots.
Portrait of Vito Bica

A versatile expert with a proven track record who skillfully meshes tech, product, marketing and pricing to drive notable growth.

Examples include increasing eSales revenue for a billion dollar company, getting products to market super fast, and scaling marketplaces with millions of products.

Key Achievements and Highlights

  • Helped amplify eSales revenue by up to 10% with a tailored procurement platform of a multinational pump manufacturer with a $2B turnover.
  • Scaled a Life Sciences B2B marketplace with 1.4 million products from its inception to Series B.
  • Improved the eCommerce experience of one of Switzerland's largest supermarkets through targeted UX optimizations, resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates.
  • Ramped up a groundbreaking B2C SaaS for mental health diagnosis using qualitative interviews, the Jobs to be Done framework, and rapid prototyping methods.

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