Let’s rework your pre-PMF product

I help you build and sharpen it so your best-fit customers start saying "Hell Yeah".

Product Development Consultant trusted by service-oriented early stage startups and transforming large enterprises

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Not your average "playbook" product guy.

↪ Went from SAP Market Intelligence to founding and advising early stage startups. ↪ Raised in gourmet kitchens → Naturally obsession with customer happiness. ↪ From prototyping a smart mosquito trap with wing-beat recognition and seasonal forecasting in just 3 months to helping to boost eSales by 10% by streamlining procurement for a $2B corp.

I can't think of anyone who takes care of things so efficiently. Without you, I wouldn't know who else to hire. — Tobias, Interim CPO, Klenico Health GmbH

→ The Problem

Trying to build something that people might want but are unlikely to pay for.

You’ve come up with a product idea from unproven signals

You’ve done customer interviews for their pain points to validate this idea

You tried to convince those customers with your mocked up MVP

And then launched and outreached with feature-focused demos

This is supply-side thinking, but customers buy progress, and sometimes the best option comes in the form of a product. So stop thinking about ‘your’ product and focus on demand.

→ The better way

I help you get to that one single use case that resonates with your ICP.


Guidance on who you want to serve and what they need to accomplish


Pin down your one specific single use case to solve what’s actually hindering their progress


Build, package, position and price your product around that use case


Launch and debug your use case and product based on what sells

Get a glimpse of the process

How I help

1:1 Hands-On Advisory

I work with a few founders to reach their PMF stage faster.

From 6 months up to 2 years. * For seed stage, discounted daily rate + equity.

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Pick my Brain

You can structure and implement yourself and *just* need my unique perspective and key ideas? There is no faster way than a 1-hour 'pick my brain' session.

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I work directly 1:1 with founders

Navigating the road to PMF requires real dedication. That's why I work directly with founders to ensure we're building what truly matters. It's about getting results that make sense.

I don’t offer growth advisory or services

I focus on helping you identify a single use case that resonates with your ICP, to build and launch a product that fits to it. However, I can recommend great people for growth if needed.

Projects take from 3 months up to 2 years

I live and breathe efficiency, but achieving excellence requires disciplined thinking and action over time. Consider me your co-founder sidekick to build a solid business.